Why you shouldn’t go to the hyped tourist spots

You’ve probably read articles describing why you should go to London, Barcelona, Venice, Paris, etc. We all know that these cities are extremely touristic too, yet we are drawn in by these articles because if everyone else is going there, why shouldn’t we? I’m not saying that these cities, and other places that are very popular, aren’t worth visiting. But there’s so many other places in the world that you can go to, that offers just as beautiful landscapes, bustling atmosphere and sights like these places. Unfortunately, many people don’t discover them because they’re not marketed enough. So instead, people go to the most hyped up tourist spots. But here’s why you shouldn’t go to them and instead think outside the box:


Unfortunately, many of these places suffers from what is called “over-tourism”, when there’s simply too many tourists in one place. When this happens, the locals will start complaining because they feel tourists has taken over their home, places become way too crowded and prices rise. It might not always be the most pleasant experience either to be in a place where you can barely see anything because there’s too many people around. If that’s not really your thing (I don’t think anyone really likes it), try to visit other places.

Prices are usually higher

Whenever a place becomes more popular, you can surely expect prices to rise. Lisbon is a great example. A few years ago, no one hyped about this charming city. Nowadays, you can barely walk in the city center without bumping into people. This has for example resulted in higher accommodation prices, for both tourists and locals. It’s a given that popular places will cost more than they did before it became “a thing”. If you don’t mind paying a bit extra then go for it. Otherwise, start looking for other alternatives.

The places lose authenticity after a while

Unfortunately in tourism, the locals have to conform to the tourists and not the other way around. This results in locals opening up shops, restaurants and even hotels that will remind you of home. After all, some people don’t want to travel without having all the comforts from home. If you’ve ever traveled to Thailand, you’ve perhaps come across Swedish restaurants or British ones. I wouldn’t really say that’s very authentic to Thailand…

So, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous and would rather experience something different, why not go to a place close by the hyped up places? If you’re going to travel to Lisbon for example, why not go to Porto instead? Or rather than Venice, why not head south to Palermo? There’s so many beautiful destinations in the world, but for some reason, only a few of them are constantly listed as places that one “must visit”. If you’re looking for authenticity, look outside of these places. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much the world has to offer.

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